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Cartridge and Mag. Carriers

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We have several different ways of carrying your Cartridges and Magazines, if you do not see what

you want, please e-mail us a picture or a discription of what you want and we will let you know if

we can do it.

Rifle Butt Cartridge holder, this holder will not twist and slide up on the butt of your rifle like the

elastic style.

Shotgun Butt Cartridge holder, have your shells close and handy for when you need them.

Cartridge holders with belt clips or belt loops. open style and closed to protect from the elements.

Shotgun Shell Carrier with a bridge to keep the Shell from sliding down to far.

Below are a few of the different types.

Always looking for your Knockout to toss down your Shotgun? Well here you go. Extra Shells and your Knockout. $40.00Triple Mag Pouch. With Belt Loops or Clips on back. With Snaps or Velcro. $95.00Instead of having a Gun Belt made with cartridge loops on them just order the Cartridge Slides, we make them in whatever caliber and length you want.This Cartridge Slide has Snaps for easy on and off. Price depends on how many Cartridge Loops. Contact us for price.Holds 2 Shells, Our newer models have a bridge under the shells to hold them up higher, Belt Clip on backside. $12.00Open top Single Magazine Pouch. Starting at $35.00, price depends on Magazine.Single and Double Mag Pouch. We can make these with Belt loops or Clips on the back. With Snaps or Velcro. Single $50.00, Double $65.00Open the flap and the case opens down. Can be made with a Belt loop or Clip. Different Calibers available. $65.00Have your shells ready to grab when you need them, right on the rifle butt. $50.00This one has a bridge to hold the shells up and fits up to a 2.5 belt. Made to hold any amount of shells, any caliber, support bar below the shell to prevent shells from falling down to far. With Belt Loop or Clip. Starts at $50.00Have your shells handy to grab. Specify what gauge, right hand or left hand. $75.00Keep your shells dry with this Leather Speed Loader Pouch, just send us your Speed Loader and we can make the pouch. The belt slot fits up to a 2 inch belt if you need it anymore then that let us know. Double pouch sells for $60.00, bigger Speed Loaders like the Judge that takes the .410 would be $50.00.