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E-Cig's and Vapor cases

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We just started making different styles of E-Cig's and Vapor Cases. We have an assortment of

colors and styles.

You can carry them on a Lanyard around your neck or choose to carry it on your belt or just roll

the case up and put it in your purse or pocket.

Look at the pictures and let us know what style you like and in what color.


This is a big case that has 3 separate pockets in the center and 1 pocket on the top corner for a bottle and a long pocket on the bottom for a battery or another bottle. this also has a unique key enclosure. $75.00This is another Adjustable Vapor Case but it has no bottom strap. This also has a rubber coating inside to hold the Vapor and keep it from sliding, this makes it easy to get to the button on the bottom of your Vapor. This style you carry on your belt. Total length is 5.5 inches. $60.00This is an adjustable Vapor Case with an adjustable bottom strap. You can pack the very small E-Cig all the way up to 1.25 inches around. This style you carry on your belt, it has a snap on the back to make it easy to put on or take off of your belt. The inside has a rubber coating to hold the Vapor and keep it from sliding. Total length is 5.5 inches. $60.00This style fits on your belt, it has a snap to make it easier to put on and take off of your belt. Total length is 5.5 inches long and fits up to a .5 inch around E-Cig. Choose the color: Tan, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Black. $45.00Carry this style around your neck. Fits up to .5 inches around and is a total length of 7 inches long. Choose from different colors: Ostrich, Pink, Green, Tan, Blue (not pictured). $35.00This is the inside picture of the the case with the Key Enclosure. $75.00This Holder has 4 slots to carry different sizes or extra batteries. I have this one in a few different colors: Pink, Sky Blue, Black, Dark Green, Tan, Ostrich. Fold the top flap over and roll it up, fasten it with the leather lace. $44.00