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Leather Trap Shooting Accessories

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We will be adding a lot more pictures for Trap shooters.

We make Single Box Carrier, 2 Box Carrier, 4 Box Carrier

On the Hull bags you have a choice of 25, 50 or 100 size.

Toe Guards; 2 Shell Carrier with clip on back; 2 Shell Carrier with Knock out & clip on back.

Holds 2 Shells, Our newer models have a bridge under the shells to hold them up higher, Belt Clip on backside. $8.002 Box Carrier Plain or dress it up with Concho's. With Handles or 2 Belt Clips on back. Price starts at $25.00Protect your shoes when you set your Shotgun down on your foot. These snap right on the show laces. Choose color. $10.00Always looking for your Knockout to toss down your Shotgun? Well here you go. Extra Shells and your Knockout. $30.00This beautiful plague has a clock and Shot Gun Shell set in, Put the trophy winner emblem in the bottom corner, Hang on the wall or mount on the mantel. Colors: Black, Oak, Cherry Walnut. $30.004 Box Carrier. Nice heavy handles. Starts at $35.00Nice 4 Box Carrier, Long shoulder straps with Silver Dollar Concho's and Magnetic flap $75.00This is a need to have item. We make this in a 25 Hull or 50 Hull bag. $65.00 and  $85.00.Choose from several colors, Brown, Red, Blue, Black, The opening has a pipping in it to hold it open so you can through your empty's in with ease.Just snap this onto your belt and away you go. $25.00Put your Trophy Class winner emblem above the shells, Hangs on the wall. $25.00