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Custom Leather Products

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We do a lot of custom leather work, below are some of the items.

Leather holster business card holder.

Rifle Slings with thumb rest.

Shotgun swivel less Sling.

Bird Carrier, to carry your Ducks, Geese or any bird back home. You do not need to try and carry

several birds in your hands anymore, put their heads in the noose and throw the Bird Carrier

over your shoulder.

Bible Covers, we can put handles on them and a pocket in the back to carry your pens and pencil.

All we need is the dimensions of your bible, height, wide and thickness.


We do a lot of different custom leather work. If you have a foot stool and need it customized give us a call.This pouch can be made any size you want, this one is 7 inches wide, 6-1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. custom made to fit a 2 inch wide belt, Price depends on size. This one is $75.00This Quiver measures 17.5 inches long, 5.5 inches around at the top and 3.5 inches at the bottom, there is a strap that runs through the front and back to separate the arrows inside. $85.00 Unique business card holder $40.00These Key Rings have a Concho in the center or a stamped figure. The figure can be a White tail deer, Moose, Elk, Bear, Eagle, Raccoon, Wolf, Trout, Bass, Pheasant or a Rose. $15.00, with Concho 20.00This view shows the front and the back of the Suspenders, The front and the back have the loops so your belt will slide through. The straps are 1.5 inches wide with a 2 inch wide elastic in the back. We can put Swivel Snaps on instead of the loops. Price depends on size and if they are plain or tooled. Cost starts at $85.00With or without handles and pocket on back, have your name on it. $75.00You can attach this Rifle Scabbard to your saddle, The straps are a total of 36 inches long, The leather is light weight but is very durable and has oils in it to make it water proof. This has a flap with a snap enclosure. 39 inches long and 8.5 inches wide at the widest area.Protect your Leather-man and Flashlight. Closed end for small Flashlight. Custom made to fit your Knife and Flashlight.This Bird Carrier is designed with a swivel snap that will snap onto your belt or pants loop. It is made of a heavy Latigo Leather. The loops are 5/8 inch wide with a metal ring. The straps are 8 inches long. Total length is 14 inches by 2 3/4 inches wide.
$50.00Fits on your belt holds your average can of chew.  Look at other picture of another style of Snuff Can Holder that rides higher on the belt in this same category location.$40.00This unique Business Card Holder is made from the vertebra from a big came animal. The animal died of natural causes.
Look at other picture for the other side view. Only $10.00Choose from a variety of colors: Pink, Blue, Black, Chocolate, Brown, Tan. $20.00This Key Chain has a pouch that you can put your ID in or your money. When you put this Key Chain into your pocket it lays nice and flat. Choose from a variety of colors: Copper, Red, Black or if you see a different color on my site you would like let me know. $20.00This pattern has 77 spikes and is 8.5 inches long, 3 buckles for arm adjustment. Heavy duty Work Chaps made of 7 oz. Pearl Gray Apron Splits or also called Mule Hide, because of it's durability. Easy adjustable leg straps with an easy Snap to clip onto a D Ring.Protect your Leather-man and Flashlight. Open end for large Flashlights. Custom made to fit your Knife and Flashlight.This case is carrying a Spotting Scope. It has an adjustable carrying strap, an inside cover flap to protect the scope and keeps out the dust. This one measures 20.5 inches long by 9 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. We can make this case whatever size you need. Call us with dimensions and pricing.Throw the carrier over your shoulder and go. Can be made to hold as many as you would like. Starts at $40.00 (hold 8),  $5.00 for each additional.This unique Business Card Holder is made from the vertebra from a big came animal. The animal died of natural causes. Only $10.00
Look at other picture for the other side view.This Hatchet Sheath was custom made with a knife pocket. Plain Hatchet Sheaths start at $35.00, Price depends on size and added items.This is a very unique item. You can use it as an Ice Bucket (comes with lid and plastic pail  7x7) or you can put your favorite flowers in it and use it as a flower pot. You can also get the Wine carrier or use it to put a Vase in for your flowers 3 1/2 x 8. These are all inside dimensions. Bucket  $129.00-Vase $75.00 . Colors are: Black, Chocolate, Glaze Brown. This leather Radio Case is made to fit your 2 Way Radio snug, it will not fall out, it has an elastic band that goes over the top of the radio. On the back of the Radio Case there is a belt clip so you can clip it to your pants or belt without using the Harness. The Harness is made from English Bridle Leather and is 1-1/4 inch wide and is adjustable, the Straps have heavy duty Swivel Snaps to make it easy to take off and on. You also get the Tether strap that also has heavy duty Swivel Snaps. This also has a leather Mic holder and lower straps to hold the Mic cord close to the Harness. All for just $75.00. Call or e-mail to order your size. We can put your name or number on the Harness.Red Stingray Cell Phone Case lined with a soft Pig Suede Leather. We have Red and Black StingrayShotgun Sling has a loop on both ends they slip over the barrel and the butt.Choose a color, Black, Tan, Brown Suede. When fully opened these measure 5.5 by 4.5.
$15.00 .This strap is 1/2 inches wide with a buckle for adjustment. The neck piece is 1-1/8 inches wide, total length is 48 inches. The strap is made from a Distressed Leather and is very soft to wear around the neck. We also put 3 loops on each side of the neck piece for more adjustment, just slide the strap into whichever loop you want. This Camera Strap will probably be the most comfortable strap you have ever worn.This set of Saddle Bags are made with English Bridle Leather and are 13 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall and 5 inches wideThis is a handy rifle sling, This has a thumb rest in it. We can personalize it with your name. Sling $40.00, with neoprene backing $60.00 add $10.00 for name. We now have Camo. Neoprene is water proof and cushioned, also has a rubber side so it will not slip and slid off of your shoulder.We can Customize your Rifle Sling, Put your name on it or different designs. We can also put Neoprene on the back if you want the cushion and non slip support. Starts at $40.00, with neoprene $60.00, $10.00 for name and designs. Clip the strap to your jacket with the swivel snap and strap your gloves on. Holds them nice and secure with an adjustable side buckle. Have them personalized. $30.00If you have a foot stool or chair and want something unique, send us a picture of what you have and we can see if we can do it for you.If you are a Dog lover you may like to have your own personal Dog Collar Business Card Holder. You can pick the name you want on it. This collar wraps around with a Buckle just like the big dog collars. $30.00Our Checkbook has a slot to hold your Credit cards. Colors are Copper (pictured); Black, Burgundy (deep reddish color). $35.00This Snuff Can Holder has a belt loop on the back and rides higher on the belt then the other 2 that are pictured in this category. This is priced at $40.00