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Leather Holsters

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We specialize in all kinds of custom Holsters. We mold the Holster to fit your Pistol, not like the

ones at a store that fits several different pistols that might fit loose or to tight telling you to wet

the leather to stretch it to fit your pistol, we quarrantee a nice fit.


Below are just a few of our styles: Inside Waistband Holster; Pocket Holster; old western styles,

Shoulder Holster; Behind the Back Holster Pancake Holsters with Thumb Brake; Small Concealment;

Old Law Dog; High Rise Concealment with Thumb Brake; Crossdraw; Pistol Slips made from Heavy Chap leather so

the pistol will not slip out, Paddle Holster, Versitle Holster.

We have a lot of pistols to make the holsters with, let me know what you have and what kind of

holster you would like. I am positive we can make what you want. If you like one design from one

holster and a different design from a different one, let me know and we can most likely merge the

different designs together to make the one you want. If you have a picture of a holster that you

like send it to us and we can probably make it for you. All of our Holsters are numbered to make it

easier for you to identify to let us know what style you would like.

The colors to choose from are: Black; Chocolate; Med. Brown.

We use a Pig Suede Leather to line our Holster. If you would like your Holster to be linned this

would be an extra $20.00.






This behind the back holster is canted for easy removal. This can be made for any model of pistol. $75.00Holster with Optic Site and enclosed bottom.Lined Rig Belt and Holster, Choose how you want the cartridge loops and how many or you may want a Mag. Holder. 2This Pocket Holster was made for a S&W J Frame but we can make this for any pistol. Very light weight and comfortable, easy to remove pistol while the holster stays in the pocket. The inside of the holster is suede so it grips the pistol. This type of leather we have in Black and this Copper color. $40.00 This is the same style as #37 but showing an Auto instead of a Revolver. The 2 straps on this design help to distribute the weight of the pistol so that it is more comfortable to carry. The ring in the back let the 2 straps move when you move. All of the straps are adjustable for you to carry it as low or as high as you would like. Pull the strap on your side to tighten the holster so that it will not move.  Take 1 strap off and carry the holster on your side. $245.00This Camo holster is for small pistols like the LCR, LC9, .380 models, This has the belt loop on the back and a Thumb Break. $60.00The Hammer Guard will protect the hammer when you are going through the brush to prevent the brush from getting caught on the hammer. price depends on size of pistol.Leather HolsterHolster fastened to belt and counter balance strapped to belt. We can use clips or a strap to fasten these to the belt. Prices starts at $165.00This Full Length Holster will protect your pistol when you are hiking in the brush or riding out in the rain and dusty weather. It rides high upon the waist and has a cant to it. This also has a Quick Thumb Release snap, it can be made with a regular strap style snap. We can make this style lined or not lined. Prices start at $60.00For small revolvers like the Ruger LCR, .38 Specials. This style has the Thumb Break, Belt loop on back. $50.00This is a very unique Holster, Camo on the outside and lined on the inside. $75.00Behind the back with a .38 Special. $75.00This holster has a Belt slot on the side and a loop in the back for more stability. $40.00Half Breed Holster, This leather is like a Latigo Leather with a soft smooth lining leather. Very durable, rebels water and you can rub the scratches out with a little bit of Leather Conditioner. $75.00Carry this Shoulder Holster in the front of the chest. This has a strap on the bottom of the Holster to hook to your belt. It is adjustable in the back and the front. Price starts at $185.00This Buscadero Gun Belt is a well know holster rig in the Hollywood movies with the fast draw style. To be worn down on the hip. Can be made with the Hammer Thong or a Snap, with lining or without. With cartridge loops or without. Personalize it the way you want it. Price starts at $375.00, Price depends on length, quantity of loops.This Ankle Holster is very comfortable with a soft leather, adjustable Velcro strap that goes around the boot, also an adjustable Velcro snap strap. Colors are Black & Copper Brown. $50.00 This Bandoleer Shoulder Holster stays put.Wear it with the holster on the hip or swing it so that the holster is on your chest. There is a Tube Screw that allows you to open the Holster loop and slide on any type of belt holster. Adjustable strap. Slide your own favorite holster on it and enjoy the comfortable  fit. The cartridge holder is an easy extra accessory attaches with Chicago Screws. Fully lined. $120.00, Cartridge Holder $25.00. Specify what caliber.Choose your color: Black, Chestnut, Brown, chocolate. $85.00This holster conceals real nice, it is 5.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall. We make it with a soft but yet durable back piece that has a high arch to it to protect the pistol from rubbing on your skin. The front is made from an English Bridle leather. Our Holster is formed to fit the pistol. $50.00Calvary style with flap or Western style, both lined with a soft lining leather. $50.00 without flap, $60.00 with flap.Derranger Holster with Concho Snap.This is just like #45 but for pistol's that have a longer barrel then 1 or 2 inches. The one in the picture is a 1911 that has a 3-3/4 inch. This also has a Quick Thumb Release.  $60.00Colors: Black; Chestnut; Brown; Chocolate. This belt has a Holster built into it. Holds tight into your body. $65.00You can wear a Paddle Holster without wearing a belt. The Paddle goes inside the pants, the leather is very comfortable, not to stiff to were it would irritate your body. The Leather will form around your hip or wherever you want to wear it. $50.00The Judge Holster with a 
6.5 inch barrel. This color is Tan#26 and #27. Versatile Shoulder holster, wear on the side, middle of chest, you can wear it as high or as low as you want. Price starts at $185.00.This holster is the same as #16 put is designed to cover the full length of the pistol. This one pictured is a Sig Sauer P238. Very comfortable and has a Quick Release Thumb Break. $50.00We make this style for many different Pistols. Choose your color.  $85.00This Pocket Holster looks like a wallet in your pocket. $40.00Colors: Black; Chestnut; Brown; Chocolate
$50.00This style of holster is more for the Drop Loop Cartridge Belts.This is showing two different styles, one has the trigger guard more exposed for a quicker draw. Price starts at $95.00, lined add $20.00. You can design the holster your way, add a belly snap or buckle, choose a different color of stitching or a different color of holster.This Western Belt has a drop loop to carry the pistol lower on your hip, ideal for the longer barreled pistols. This is also shown with a Double Prong Belt Buckle, you can choose a single prong also. The Belt and Holster is lined. Price starts at $350.00, this can vary on size of belt and different styles of Holster. Both end are tapered down to accept a 1.75 inch Roller BuckleProtect your pistol with this Full Length Holster. This has a strong cant to make it more concealable under your shirt. The back lays flat, only the front is molded and formed to the pistol, this will prevent the holster from collapsing when it forms around your body.  $60.00This is a very comfortable Shoulder Holster, it can be adjusted to wear it up high or down low. 1/2 inch straps, adjustable shoulder pad and adjustable Conway Buckle. Price depends on size of Pistol, starting at $165.00This holster has a reinforcing ring around the body of the holster to keep the opening open after your draw, the ring continues around the back and is both part of the belt loop and the stiffening section of the safety/slide shield. $85.00We make this style for many different pistols. Choose color: Black, chocolate, Brown, chestnut Price depends on PistolPersonalized Holster with BeltThe John Wayne Gun belt  is made of a heavy Chap leather with the suede side out. It is 2.25 inches wide. The amount of Cartridge Loops depend on size of belt and caliber of bullet. This Gun Belt is showing the Half-Breed style of holster.
You can purchase the belt separately. Pricing starts at $375.00.This Holster Case is like the Sneaky Pete version. We can make it for whatever pistol you have. Order it to carry on your belt or a shoulder strap. Cost depends on pistol.#26 and #27 are the same but showing different ways to wear it. Easy to adjust for different body sizes just pull the strap on the side. Price starts at $185.00This beautiful Double Holster Gun Belt is 3.5 inch wide with a 5 inch drop loop for the Holsters. It has a 1.5 inch Buckle. The belt is lined and very comfortable. The Holsters are lined with a soft leather to help make the draw quick with no retention. This belt holds .45 cartridges.
The colors to choose from is Brown, Black and Chocolate. Pricing depends on size. Price starts at $525.00This style is made for many different pistols, This style rides high on the waist, It has a Quick Thumb Release. $50.00Very light weight and concealed Holster, Belt slot on the side and back for full support. Color: Brown and Black   $20.00Get creative, add a Mag Pouch to your holster. $75.00The Black Ankle Holster has a Neoprene material on the back so to prevent it from slipping around on your foot and to keep your leg cool. The Brown one is just light weight no Neoprene. Both has adjustable snaps to hold your pistol in. We also make a T shaped strap the attaches to the back side of the holster to the Velcro and will go up below the knee and wrap around your leg to prevent the Ankle Holster from slipping down your leg to far. We have just 2 colors: Black and Brown, with Neoprene or without. The Neoprene is Black. $60.00 to 75.00We can make this style for many different pistols. Same style as #51 but the back is not arced. Choose your color. $40.00Inside Waistband with flaps to fasten to belt, Made for different Pistols. $110.00This is a very small compact holster that slips onto your belt. $50.00This is a very unique holster, it can be used as a Right Handed, Left Handed, Cross-Draw or Inside the Waist Band. This Leather has a soft suede feel on the inside so it is not abrasive on your pistol. The Holster will carry any type of Pistol  Auto or small Revolver. The clip will come off if you do not want it on when wearing it using the belt slots. Choose from Black, Brown, Basket Weave or Camo, ( Camo not pictured).  Cost $40.00.You will not believe how simple this works. Clip the clip to your pants or belt. Insert the plastic rod into the barrel of your pistol. You can adjust the length on how far the pistol goes down into your pants by pulling out the dowel and adjusting the lace then put the dowel back into the plastic rod to hold the lace in place. No bulky holster to silhouette through your clothes, no metal touching your pistol. $15.00Custom holster designed for the H&K MP7 Auto Pistol.  This client needed a nice holster for his Air-soft 'sidearm'.These are a comfortable light weight, thin leather for Inside the Waistband. This is like #22 except this style has a high back so the pistol does not touch the skin. Colors: Brown, Black, Copper. ( the copper is a suede type of leather soft on the out side and soft like a lining inside). $50.00Inside the Pants with a clip or strap snap. $45.00Are you tired of carrying that heavy pistol because it is pulling you pants down? With this strap you will not have to worry about that anymore, it is adjustable with the Buckle in front for adjustment. Also look at the other picture showing the back view. You can also attach our Cartridge Slides to the strap.The 2 straps on this design help to distribute the weight of the pistol so that it is more comfortable to carry. The ring in the back let the 2 straps move when you move. All of the straps are adjustable for you to carry it as low or as high as you would like. Pull the strap on your side to tighten the holster so that it will not move. Take 1 strap off and you can carry the pistol on your side.  $245.00Shoulder Holster, each strap is adjustable for perfect fit. Choose color. Price starts at $225.00. without mag. pouch