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Leather Knife Sheaths

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We can do different types of Sheaths, For knives, Screw Drivers, Chain Saws, Axe, Flash Lights.

Whatever you need we can probably do. Just get in touch with us and let us know what you need.

Special design with Gold trim to accent gold handle.We make all sizes of chainsaw sheath for all makes of Chainsaws. This one pictured can mount to your ATV. For more options and sizes go to www.sawguard.com This is a basic Knife Sheath price depends on knife.This is the front view of the sheath. for more options and sizes of Chainsaw Guards go to: www.sawguard.com. This Knife Sheath has a snap so you do not loose your favorite knifeExtra heavy with a thick plug to accept the diamond raised blade. This style of a Rifle Scabbard will help to protect your nice rifle very light weight and durable, adjustable straps, This is a Textured Leather that has oils in it to repel water. $75.00Make your Hatchet secure with this style of cover, there is a filler piece of leather sandwiched in between to protect the sharp blade from cutting the stitching. There are 3 snaps to hold the Hatched in place. On the back side there are slots for your belt to go through.This pouch has a Swivel Snap on the back and a Belt Loop, put it onto your tool pouch or your belt. Separate pocket in front to put the meter wires.Large Leather Knife Sheath, total length of Knife is 16 inches. This has extra large thick plugs down both sides so that the blade will not cut through the stitching.Small 4-5 inch bladesDifferent sizes: Estham and more. This is a hunters old time favorite. Holds the knife and the saw.This Sheath is opened at the top were the 2 straps are for easy removal, there is also a belt loop on the back to accept up to a 3 inch belt. There is a thick plug in the sheath to protect the blade from cutting through the leather.Different types of holders: Screwdriver; Flashlight; Utility KnifeKnife Sheath with Leg StrapThis Knife Sheath has a loop on the back for your belt and a Velcro enclosure, colors are Black or Copper. $20.00This is a unique knife sheath made from beaver tail just, price depends on size of knife, starting at $40.00