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Dog Collars

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We make several different styles of Dog Collars, We can put your dogs name on the Leather

Collars or you can bling them up with Rhinestones.

Below are just a few of the Dog Collars.You can look at the Rhinestone color chart and pick out

the color and size of Rhinestones you would like.

When you call to order the collar be sure to measure your dogs neck, don't measure it to tight,

put 1 finger between the tape measure and the dogs neck. There will be some adjustment on

the collar. You can also choose the width of the collar, the most common for small dogs are 1/2".

Medium dogs are: 1" to 1.25", Large dogs are: 1.25" to 1.5".

We make the collars out of Leather or a Brahma Webb, The Brahma Webb is a Soft Grip style,

it is a PVC coating with a Polyester Webbing on the inside. The Brahma Webb is very durable,

weather-resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean, just wipe clean with soap and water.

The colors of Brahma Webb that we have are Black and Orange and in a 1" width.

Sizes: 5mm; 6mm; 7mm and 10mm.Black 1 inch  wide: Plain or with Crystals. Choose size and color of crystal in above info. Plain $20.00; with Crystals $30.00This Dog Halter has Neoprene on the breast plate and the top section where the d-ring is located this will add padding not be more comfortable for the dog.  Price depends on the type of dog. Starts at $75.00Bling up your Dogs Collar. Choose the width of collar you want and the color and size of Crystal. as low as $25.00This Hunting Collar is made with a PVC coating and Polyester inside for strength and durability, also has a ring to allow the collar to roll when caught up in the brush. Black 1 inch width. $20.00This Dog Halter is just like the other [picture put has the spikes. Price depends on type of dog, Price starts at $95.00If you are a Dog lover you may like to have your own personal Dog Collar Business Card Holder. You can pick the name you want on it. This collar wraps around with a Buckle just like the big dog collars. $30.00Black 1 inch  wide: Plain or with Crystals. Choose size and color of crystal in above info. Plain $20.00; With Crystals $30.00