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Leather Belts

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212 South 3rd Street
Pinehurst Idaho 83850


We are the direct manufacturer of these very high quality belts. Our belts are made of the very

highest quality heavy 10-12 ounce Wickett & Craig English Bridle Leather also made in the

United States.

Our Standard belts are 1.75" Wide and come in any length you may require.

I also make 1"; 1.25"; 1.5" belts.

The colors are: Burgundy; Black; Brown; Chocolate.

NEW COLOR: Copper Crackle. (to see color look at the single belt picture with the copper buckle)

You can choose from no stitching, single row stitching or double row stitching.

We are now offering Double Prong Belts, Double Prong Belts eliminate the belt from twisting at the


Double thick belts for when you are packing a pistol, eliminates the belt from rolling and pulling

away from your body, 2 layers of 8-9 oz leather.


Choose from the list of colors below.

If you are looking for a special kind of belt made we are condfident that we can help you. Just let us

know what you would like.

Your choice of a Roller Buckle, Gold, Nickel or Bronze Center Bar Buckle. All of our belts have

Chicago Screws so that you can change out the buckle.

Hat Bands----------$14.95 (black, chocolate, brown)

1" Belts-------------$29.95

1.25" Belts---------$39.95

1.5" Belts----------$39.95

1.75" Belts---------$39.95

Double thick belt up to 1.75"---$79.99

Lining add----------$24.95

Ranger Belt---------$79.99

2" wide Belt---------$79.99

3" wide Belt--------$84.99

Mechanic's Belt-----$79.99


Choose a color: Burgandy; Glazed Brown; Black; Brown; Chocolate Single stitching, double stitching or no stitching.Center Bar Buckle; D-Buckle or Roller Buckle. Brass, Antique Brass or Nickle Plated.Center Bar or Roller Buckle. Brass, Antique Brass, Nickle Plated or Roller BuckleThis color is very unique, dyed a crackle copper from the factory. The belt pictured  is a 1.5 inch Belt but can be made in whatever width you would like, the buckle pictured is only in a 1.5 inch. Can be made up to size 421.5 in. & 2 in.Specialty beltNever scratch the side of your vehicle again with this buckle-less belt. Choose from widths 1-3/4; 1-1/2; 1-1/4.  We can make it whatever width you want. Single prong or double prong. Colors: Black; Chocolate: Brown; Chestnut.Center Bar Buckle, Clipped Corner Buckle, D-Buckle or Roller Buckle. Brass, Antique Brass or Nickle Plated.With a Double Prong this will eliminate the belt from twisting at the buckle like as on some single prong buckles. Double Prong Buckle come in widths of 1 1/2 in. and 2 in.only.
Also choose Double stitching or single stitching. Colors: Black, Chocolate, Brown, Chestnut.Choose your color: Chocolate; Brown; Black.We can make this Ranger style with what ever size cartridge you want. choose the width if you want 2.5 inch; 2 inch; 1.75 inch . You can add Concho's to make it unique and choose the type of buckle you would like.
Colors: Black; Chocolate: Brown